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Africa Inland Mission
August 1, 2016 8:38 pm
Published in: Church Ministry

It’s a new month. I might as well start the month off right!

It was almost sundown. The central church in our area was holding a general conference and tomorrow all the out-churches were coming in for a 3-day conference. Each family or church group was bringing their basic food – corn meal (busu), rice, sweet potatoes, etc. The central church was to provide the meat from its general fund.

In order to save money, I had offered to provide the meat by hunting ‘way out in the seasonal swamp plains (the rains had not yet started so they were basically dry!). I had gone out in the Land Rover with a couple of African friends and we had spent several hours just trying to get close enough to get a decent shot. But, the Land Rover rattled loudly over the rough ground and grass tufts and scared the animals away. Maybe that was why it was still empty of meat.

As I said, the sun was just about to go down. ‘Way off in the distance -‘way off means probably about 500 Topi2yds. away – we saw a herd of topi antelope. In desperation I fired a shot at the biggest one which was standing on an anthill. The Remington 30.06 rifle bullet took off and we saw a puff of dust fly up from the top of another ant hill ‘way out there. The bullet evidently ricocheted from there, continued on its way – and with relief we saw the topi drop. I had scored a hit, at that distance, in spite of the ricochet.

The accompanying Africans – AND I!! – gave a shout of delight and a heartfelt “Thank You, Lord”. The topi was loaded into the Land Rover and we arrived back at the station well after dark. Specified church men were waiting, we delivered the topi to them and they started their work to prepare and divide up the meat for the folks coming.

It was a good conference. The visiting African pastor gave good messages, they were well received and, I trust, used by God’s Spirit in the hearts and lives of all.

And, all the attending families were well fed – both by the food they had brought and by the topi meat provided. And meat was necessary to provide the gravy for both the corn-meal mush (bugali) and the rice they had prepared!

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