Powered by Prayer

Today, May 11 2016, was a special day of prayer for the Mission – for its outreach to UnReached Peoples; for its vision regarding African leadership development and encouragement; for renewed vision and commitment to Gospel ministry and priorities. Since its inception, the Mission has been under girded by the prayers of God’s faithful servants – individuals and groups who themselves have experienced God’s grace.

I reflect on our years of ministry through the Mission. Prayers of our supporting churches; prayers of individuals; prayers in the homes and churches of our African brethren. And, oh, how some of them could pray. It was both an encouragement and a challenge to our own prayer life.

Missionaries often go through their mailing list, “purging” names of folks who have moved on or otherwise seem “lost”. Many times when we removed a name, we somehow meet up with that person. Often they say, “Rusty/Carol, it’s good to see you again (after 20+ years!). We pray for you every day.” Man, what embarrassment – and a quick return of their names to the mailing list!

So, ministry is powered by prayer. Even the apostle Paul asked the church to, “Pray for me” (… with all prayer and supplication praying… on my behalf, that utterance may be given unto me in opening my mouth, to make known with boldness the mystery of the gospel [Eph.6:18&19). This is still relevant – the foundation for all ministry done in our Lord’s name. And we experienced this – and continue to experience this even during our retirement years.