Prepared by Grace

And, here is my first post prepared on May 3, 2016 which, for some reason, is not showing up.I hope it does now!

Often, we think of GRACE as something we have experienced as God showed it to us; loving us and saving us through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. So true – and we continue to experience His grace as we go through life. God’s grace can also be realized as we look back, ‘way back, to before our days of missionary ministry.

A young woman (Carol, my wife), raised in Brooklyn NY during the days of “gang” activities, being brought to the Lord and nurtured by a good Bible church. Being introduced to ministry in that church; working for the Africa Inland Mission during high-school years during its days in Brooklyn NY. I have often said that, by going to Africa, I “took Carol out of the jungles of Brooklyn to the jungles of Tanganyika (Tanzania)” – tho we really didn’t have jungles in the areas in which we served.

A young man, (me!) raised in Tanganyika (my folks were AIM missionaries) and being led to the Lord by my mother while on Nasa station. Coming back to the USA after 10 years (WW II prevented an earlier furlo) and “boarded out” during high school years here in the USA when my folks returned to the field.

As each of us looks back, we can see GOD’S GRACE in everything experienced – tho at the time we may not have thought of it that way. That is how it has been throughout all our years. Situations, both good and bad, blessings and trials, have always underlined God’s faithfulness and HIS GRACE. As I/we think things through, the purpose of this blog is to outline “Reflections in Ministry” which demonstrates in some way GOD’S GRACE to us and to those whom we served. All praise to our gracious Lord.

Thanks for reading.