Early Ministry

When I arrived in Tanganyika (‘56!), I was assigned to live 0n Kijima Station with my parents. My mother was to be my language teacher – she probably knew it would be a “easy job” since I grew up out there and used a lot more kiSukuma that I should have – even had to disciplined for some of the things I said. My little African companions prided themselves getting me to say some things that even they wouldn’t use in mixed conversation!

After my folks moved from the station and I was living alone (I was still single; awaiting my “bride to be” to arrive), I was given the oversight of about 36 area church primary schools. This was before we were moved to Salawe.

I was responsible f58nkonzeor the maintenance and repair of mainly mud-brick (and grass roof) classrooms and teacher’s houses, make sure the teachers had the supplies they needed, encourage them in their teaching of the Bible classes and, most importantly (to them!) pay their salaries. All this involved a lot of travel throughout the year, in dry seasons and in the deluges of the rainy seasons. Though it was tiring, it was a time of real joy and often there was an evangelist there near the church who was in charge of the local church. It was a blessing to see, and often experience, what the Lord was doing.

Though much time and effort was spent in “mundane” activities, it was great to be part of the team, missionary and African national, serving our Savior. From many of these church schools, students progress on up through secondary school and some even to University. Many came to serve the Lord in church leadership; many became part of the life of the church in different areas. Scripture tells us that He will “build My church” – it was wonderful to be part of that “building” that continues to the present. PRAY FOR THE CHURCH IN TANZANIA.

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