Communion Conundrum

The Jack Wytzen Evangelistic Team was visiting Tanzania. It was great to have them and meetings, both public and in secondary schools, were well attended and received. Many made professions of faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. I was privileged to provide Team transportation to a number of venues.

After things had wound down, several Team members were able to rest and relax at our guest house in Mwanza. One of the team men stayed over for the Sunday service and I sat beside him to provide a running-translation of what was being said. He was not the speaker so he and I sat on one of the wooden benches along with the rest of the congregation – men on one side, women on the other!

81rumanawa2It was a Communion Sunday. The bread was passed and we all took a piece. In those days a Ryvita-type bread (cracker) was used for communion and as we sat waiting for the serving to be completed I saw him intently looking at the piece in his hand. Thinking that we was wondering what kind of bread (cracker) it was, I started to explain. He interrupted and said, “It’s not that. My piece had a weevil and it has gone inside”! Shaking his hand that held the piece he said, “And it won’t come out”!!!

I have no idea what he did. Maybe what all of us do – focus on the meaning, not on the item – and just trust. In any case later when I told the African pastor what had happened he was just mortified. “A thing like that should never happen to one who is our “mgeni” (guest)”. To us, an every-day experience. To a guest, such should not happen.

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