You Say “Silence is Golden”?

What about laughter in a parked, closed door, Land Rover? That may sound “golden”, BUT:

Our Land Rover was parked under the mango tree in the back yard. The windows were closed thinking it might rain. In fact, it was parked where it usually was overnight. But, this time, the door were unlocked.

My wife happened to go out the back door for something and heard the sound of laughing. Listening closely, she was able to hear the voices of 2 children (boys!!! – unnamed for this record). They were really having a great time.

What were they doing? Well, in the vehicle I kept a tin of hand cleanser for cleaning my hands when repairs had to be done on the engine – or change a tire. And, when the boys got into the car, our ‘docile’ kitty was taken in with them. And, two boys and a cat and a tin of hand cleanser made for an interesting mix to say the least!

Both the boys scooped out the cleanser, liberally applying it to the cat’s body. When the fur was well saturated, they rubbed more making it foam up into suds – and that tickled their fancy and started the laughter.

Found you!! The Land Rover door was opened and their laughter turned to apprehension. They were soundly rebuked, the cat rescued and their fun came to an end.

I now had the bedraggled cat in my hand. It just hung there sopping ‘wet’ and covered in cleanser suds. I knew I couldn’t let it lick itself clean so I got the water hose and hosed it down. It just hung there, as I hosed and rubbed until I got most of the offending cleanser off. Then, my wife gave me a towel which I used to dry its fur as much as possible.

The cat survived and lived a long life. The boys were ‘disciplined’ (don’t ask me how; I don’t remember) – and the loving kitty remained the boy’s (at least for one of them) friend for many days to come. For me, if it saw me pick up a water hose it quickly took off. So much for gratitude!

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