“Fanta” for Communion

After we were moved from Tanzania to Nairobi, Kenya, our days were filled with International Office activities – Carol in finance, I in personnel matters. It’s a good thing I had an excellent secretary (Jean) to try to keep me on track!

As a Sunday or week-end ministry, I was able to help the Africa Inland Church in the work of the Kangemi church. I preached most Sundays and conducted communion service once a month. There was no African pastor at that time for the church and my involvement provided relief for the main Nairobi area church pastor at Ziwani. Often my “Tanzania Swahili” was the topic of much conversation because at that time “Kenya Swahili” was considered much inferior. More fun!

It was a great and joyful experience. There were about 4 local Africans who provided overall leadership and with them we developed plans for a more permanent church building. They prepared both the bread and the cup for the communion services; I just led the service and directed folks minds and thoughts to our Saviour and what was accomplished on the cross of Calvary.

81rumanawa2Forget that the “bread” was often dried crusts of regular bread. Forget that the “cup” was sometimes flat “Fanta” orange soda (because the reddish soda was not available). The Church of God, body of Christ, met together to remember with thankfulness our Lord’s sacrifice and the joy and hope of His return.

MUNGU ASIFIWE! (Swahili-God be praised!)

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