Pastor Jushua (Joshua) – One Constant in Faithfulness

This “proposed blog” was to have been published in early 2017. It seems that I worked on it but did not actually push the “publish” button! So I do it now. Please excuse me if you have seen it before.

After a period in ministry, I was given oversight over one of the most densely populated districts of church ministry. There were five pastorates, each with more than 30 evangelists and preaching points. My wife and I traveled much to visit the pastors and the churches and in each of the pastoral areas I had innumerable church council meetings.

One of the closest pastoral areas, other than the one on which the mission station was located, was Nguge. And the pastor there was Jushua. He was a soft-spoken, even-tempered man and his input in council meetings was most helpful. And, for some reason, he took me “under his wing”, traveling with him throughout his pastorate and introducing me both to church workers and local chiefs and their advisors. It was always a joy to be with him and his wife.

When Carol and I were assigned to open up the new mission station in Salawe, there was no African pastor available for the district. The closest pastor was infirm and could not assume any additional responsibilities. Jushua volunteered. Not to move out there with us, but to regularly bicycle the 80 miles round-trip from his home to be with us for local church council meetings and special conferences. This he faithfully did, both in the dry season and during the rains, in spite of all the responsibilities he had in his own church district.

Faithfulness. Persistence.

Surely his heavenly reward will be great.

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