Busy-ness, but Satisfaction



“A Short One – Busy Week; Computer Sick”

The popular conception of missionary work is that of a foreigner with a sun-helmet on their head and a Bible in their hand continually preaching their heart out. After all, isn’t that is what we support missionaries to do?

But that concept is far removed from reality. Of course, the major emphasis is on “Bible Communication”, but that takes many forms and other mundane and time-consuming tasks always are present.

For my wife and I, we mention some – typing manuscripts for printing, accounting, home-schooling, preaching, church councils, construction, mission administration, tearing down/building primary schools, paying African school teachers monthly, hauling building supplies, making bricks, – STOP! STOP! STOP!

The list of activities could go on and on. Hours spent in swamps trying to extricate our Land Rover, flat tires (tyres!) and other mechanical repairs, standing in line for over 3 hours waiting to get about a half-gallon of milk from the town distributor, spending hours at the stove boiling down rock-salt to get something that can be used for cooking, chasing around trying to find someone who has wheat flour – or sugar – or cement – or ??? to sell.

Life as a missionary, as in every Christian’s life, is “living out” every in facet of daily living, developing relationships and being ready to give witness to the new Life of Christ which is in you and for which you are an “ambassador”.

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