Tears of What??

Off to an out church (well, not a building but under a spreading mango tree! [not shown]), not too far from our main station. It was Communion Sunday and I, as the guest speaker, was well wrapped up in my message. The sermon was coming to an end and it was about time for a real challenge and an invitation.
There was a fairly good crowd in attendance. Some, of course, were from the village where the church was. Some had walked a fair distance in order to attend. Then, some had come from a further distance, mostly coming by bicycle through the forest and across the grassy plains.
As I tried to present a good challenge, I noticed a man sitting on a rock toward the back of the crowd. He had come late, parked his bicycle and quietly sat down. But the tears! He constantly wiped his cheeks but the tears kept flowing. My! My preaching must have been most effective – and affective! After the service, the man made his way forward. I recognized him. He was an elder of one of the far distant churches. I was perplexed. Him?
He explained. Riding his bike through the tall grass of the plain, a grass seed had embedded itself in the corner of his eye. He could not get it out. Thus the continual tears. “Could I please help him?” he implored. No way could he ride his bicycle the distance back home.
What to do? I am not a doctor, nor the son of a doctor, but at times like that one attempts things unusual. Laying him across some rustic wood chairs, I could see the grass seed lodged ‘way back in the tear duct area. There was no chance that I could get it with my fingers. But, I had my trusty Swiss Army Knife and it had a pair of tweezers on it.
Back in one of the village huts, the women were preparing a noon meal. Ugali (stiff steamed corn meal), greens and boiled chicken. Maybe they had some boiling water so I could sterilize the tweezers. And they did. The water was boiling but they had not yet put in the corn meal.
So, in went the tweezers (for an appropriate length of time!). I fished them out and went out to the man who was still lying on the chairs. By gently (I hope!) probing I was able to get down into the tear duct, sort-of turn it inside out and pull out the grass seed. What a relief to him – and to me.
After we all were ready to go home, I loaded his bike into the Land Rover and took him with me. There, from medications entrusted to us by the Mission doctor, I put into the corner of his eye some penicillin ointment to ward off any possible infection. With a patch on his eye, he took off for his home.
Me? “Doctor Baker”. I was glad it was all over. Two days later he shows up, patch off his eye and grinning happily. AND, he presented us with the biggest stalk of bananas we had ever seen. That was his way of saying “thanks” – and we ate bananas for the next few weeks as they ripened!

2 thoughts on “Tears of What??

  1. Thanks, Becca. No dull moment, surprises, and activity beyond our ability. BUT GOD – so true. Rusty

  2. Loved hearing the process of removing the seed, and even better the beautiful rack of bananas! What a happy ending. Adventures around each corner!

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