“Nani Wamuloga?”

Soon after my arrival in Tanzania, and because I learned the language as a child out there and still had a bit of a handle on it, Richard corralled me as part of his team in what was called “Short Term Bible School”. We traveled around many small churches, spending about 2 weeks in each, teaching anyone who wished to attend. Usually the group was comprised of basically evangelists, elders and deacons and others active in the out-church ministry. For me this was a real learning experience. It added greater fluency to the use of the tribal language; it gave deeper understanding of Tanzanian issues and culture. We ate together with the folks who attended; we slept usually on camp-cots (with mosquito nets) in the little mud church on in the house of the local evangelist, (or in the back of our pick-up, under the stars!). It was a real “together” experience.

My subject to teach was the Book of Galatians. A book that underlines our position in Christ and that Christ, though His death and resurrection, has set us free from the Law and its crushing weight.

Early in the book, Paul says to the Galation believers, (3:1) “O foolish Galatians, who did bewitch you, before whose eyes Jesus Christ was openly set forth crucified?” The students were all intrigued with those words “Nani Wamuloga?” (…who…bewitched you… ?) -the heading of this blog-! They had much to say – and question – about their understanding of the word, especially as they had previously been well immersed in their old culture of sorcery and witchcraft. Needless to say we had some very revealing discussions. Also, to me, it was an “opening of eyes” into the type of world that was theirs before their faith was placed in our Savior.

Freedom from the Law; Real freedom in Christ.
And all these blessings underlined by freedom from unBiblical cultural impediments.
Praise the Lord!

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