The Patience of a Woman

Remember the Genesis story – the woman picked – she gave to her husband – he ate – God confronted them – he said, “the woman whom thou gavest me”! Blame shifting; fault finding, etc.

Now, in no way is there any similarity – both in the Biblical narrative and in my case. For me, a gal from Brooklyn NY said “YES” and flew alone for Africa, her bridal gown in a suitcase. Wedding, family, off beaten-track living, home-schooling the children, teaching ladies to read and write, Bible classes with children, bookkeeping and auditing, pre-press manuscript preparation – and a husband busy in church work, interminable council meetings, building repairs and construction, bad road conditions (waiting for the flood to go down!), unexpected vehicle break-downs, a fridge needing to be filled with kerosene to keep it operating, “what’s for supper” when the larder is bare, gasolene-run washing machine that won’t start – and a child who caught their hand in the ringer! – . And I could go on and on.

But her key to all that was patience – in the door of the Land Rover, on a lonely chair under the trees, waiting for that vehicle repair or flat tyre (tire) to be repaired or waiting to go home after an out-church meeting.

What else? Refilling the kerosene pressure lamp at night to finish the audit of someone’s books (and trying to make the trial-balance balance!). I need to get Carol to write at least one blog from her own perspective.

I thank God for her, for the family and for the years we had together in ministry. Ministry in the boondocks; ministry on the hospital station; ministry in town and city; ministry in Mission administrative offices. Now, ministry in retirement. Our Lord God’s blessing has always been evident in His Presence, His Protection and His Provision. While we were busy, it has been His Strength and Enablement that saw us through and we are thankful for the small part we have had in the growth of the African church and in the assistance to the Mission in office matters.

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