Fighting Bees

I never figured I would have to watch out for bees as I traveled the roads in Africa. I was coming home from town, on my little Honda motor-bike. Of course, no helmet! As I was tooling along, a bee must have been coming the opposite direction, moving with its stinger forward. BAM! It hit me on the chin. And the stinger embeded itself deeply – with the bee itself still attached pumping stinger fluid in! Slowing down, I brushed the bee off; stopped to remove the stinger. But it still hurt. I still had about 40 miles to go to get home and I was pretty well swollen up when I got there.

Another time, I was in my Land Rover. Again, going home from town. Because of the corrugations on the road I was moving along at about 40 m.p.h. That way you only hit the top of the corrugations!

Too late I saw a huge swarm of bees. And it was in the road. And the front vents on the Land Rover were open. And those vents didn’t have any screens.

What happened? I scooped a good portion of that swarm right into the vehicle. Buzzin bees – but I kept up my speed to get out of the rest of the swarm and those in the vehicle were sort-of pinned against the back window.

As soon as I could I hit the brakes, jumped out and quickly opened that back window. To keep myself in the clear I took off into the bushes on the roadside and let the bees disperse. I guess they were too traumatized to look for someone/something to sting. When I went back to the vehicle there were still a few in there which I quickly “dispatched” – and merrily went on my way home.

Never a dull moment!

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