Ndizuga Ngoko – (Sukuma, “I’m cooking a chicken”)

That heading is meant to take the place of calling it my “Swan Song”. After all, a chicken squawks loudest as it is caught just before it is prepared for cooking!

It looks like this is the end of my blog posts – at least for the regular Monday postings. Not only is my “remember-er” not remembering, but the Mission internet facility used is being terminated. Since I have saved copies of all my posts, maybe I will get them printed like I did with my original publication, “Around the Campfire”, published several years ago. Or, maybe I will merge that book with the blog and have one new all-inclusive publication. We’ll see. Just the other day I printed out the list/dates of my blog postings to see if some are included in “Around the Campfire”. Maybe this winding down of the blog facility is a good thing !?! since I don’t want to repeat stories from there.

So, the “Swan Song” is a short record of 60+ years of the Lord goodness to Carol and me in days of ministry – days in Tanzania; days in Kenya; days in England; days here in the USA.

Tanzania, 1956 – going back “home” as a missionary to where I grew up – construction and maintenance of church buildings, education and mission facilities; new-station establishing; working with pastors, evangelists and church leaders; starting new churches.

And, of course, Carol coming out in 1958, getting married and raising  our family; Carol’s ministry in working with women and children; teaching Bible classes in schools; secretarial and accounting work. God’s hand of protection and provision and direction for us has been evident through every situation.

Kenya 1981 – ministry in administration in the Mission’s International Office; international finance; personnel matters; committee and council decisions; ministry in a small church in one of Nairobi’s poorer sections; teaching Theological Education by Extension.

England 1985 – again, ministry in administration when the International Office moved there to Bristol; Mission project tracking; international finance again; secretarial work; more committee and council meetings.

USA 1989 – together, caring for a place that provides housing for missionaries on furlough; serving on the Board of a Christian inner-city school; helping the Mission by promoting the Adopt-a-People program, working some with African students here in the USA; caring for the Mission’s monthly Prayer Groups by providing them with current prayer items.

Retirement 2004 – to the Mission’s Retirement Center in Florida. Ministry in local church; leading summer mission groups; helping in a Mission Training Center in Seoul, South Korea; AWANA leadership; mentoring in a public school; continuing with the Mission’s monthly Prayer Groups mailings (for about 30 years now!) .

This is nowhere near the full details of our ministry opportunities – and experiences (which included a lot of travel!). All reflections and memories are positive and the Lord’s goodness has never failed. Tanzanian pastors and evangelists have picked up much of the developed ministry and, with the Lord’s provision and presence, continue to reach out to new areas and people groups with the Gospel of Salvation. PRAISE HIM.

Lam 3:22, 23 – It is of the LORD’S mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not. They are new every morning: great is Thy faithfulness.

Thanks for sticking with me over the past 3 years. For a time you can access past blogs using https://rustycarolbaker.aimsites.org/ (the same internet address as before). There you can look all of them up if you wish.

Pray for Africa

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